Securing the Identity of Diamonds

We give businesses the power to place permanent identity features inside diamonds to promote transparency and support traceability initiatives.

Who We Are

Opsydia is a leading innovator in sub-surface laser technology. Our unique Opsydia System gives a range of industries the ability to place practically invisible structures, or identifiers, within transparent materials without compromising their integrity or making surface modifications. Formed as a spin-out company from the University of Oxford, we specialise in creating high-volume industrial processes for practical applications based on cutting-edge research.


Microscopic identifiers created by Opsydia’s Systems form a physical link between a specific diamond and its grading report, blockchain record or branded jewellery origins.

Using next generation sub-surface laser techniques, Opsydia provides a secure and tamper-proof way of confirming a diamond’s identity and empowers all stages of the diamond supply chain to protect the integrity of diamonds and other gemstones.

Transparent Materials

Our secure laser technology can be used to create features inside transparent materials, including polymers, plastics and glass. The optical properties of these features can be designed to give visually stunning effects in everyday lighting conditions. Security marks, serial numbers, holograms and other aesthetic identifiers are all possible.

Diamond-Based Devices

Opsydia is in the research and development phase for a new wave of applications in diamond-based devices. With precision control, our laser technology can create high spatial resolution electrically conductive tracks, arrays of electrodes and quantum colour centres within diamond wafers. Applications include radiation detectors, chemical sensors and quantum devices.

The Opsydia System

Suitable for deployment in factory, grading laboratory or standard office environments, Opsydia’s systems are designed for volume operation and can place identifiers in over 100,000 diamonds per year. Our systems harness cutting-edge techniques developed by scientists at the University of Oxford and translates them into reliable, industrial processes for large-scale commercial endeavours.

What People Say About Us

We work with manufacturers, industrial groups, technology specialists and commercial brands to meet their unique requirements

We are honoured to have been able to collaborate with Opsydia in refining the criteria for a Nano ID so that it can be integrated into diamond grading practices. Diamond traceability and security are important issues in the diamond supply chain, and it is important that such scientific techniques be developed for the trade and to ultimately strengthen consumer confidence."

Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki

Director, Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF, Basel

Latest News

Jonathan Kendall joins Opsydia as Non-Executive Director

Jonathan Kendall joins Opsydia as Non-Executive Director

Leading diamond security specialist, Opsydia, has welcomed former De Beers Group Senior Executive, Jonathan Kendall, to its non-executive Board of Directors, starting immediately. In his new role, Kendall will contribute towards Opsydia’s international strategy and...

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