Diamond-Based Devices

Opsydia technology provides a platform for next-generation functional devices in diamond. By modifying the diamond lattice, the laser process can be tailored to create optical or electrical responses. Nitrogen-vacancy centres and high spatial resolution conductive graphitic structures have been demonstrated in prototype devices and experiments. Currently in the research and development phase, the technology has a huge number of potential disruptive applications, from quantum devices to chemical and magnetic sensors.

Example Applications

Radiation Detection

Electrically insulating, transparent and resilient, diamond is an ideal material for use in detection of high energy particles. Opsydia technology can create wide arrays of conductive electrodes inside diamond for high spatial resolution radiation detectors.

Chemical Analysis

As well as the world’s hardest material, diamond is extremely thermally conductive and almost entirely chemically inert. With tunable conductivity wires embedded into diamond sensor probes, chemical analysis can be performed in harsh environments.

Quantum Devices

Diamond is one of the most exciting candidate materials for creating functional quantum information devices. Opsydia technology can create deterministic arrays of nitrogen-vacancy centres at high spatial resolutions.

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