Who We Are

Opsydia spun out from the University of Oxford in September 2017 based on the joint research of Prof. Martin Booth and Dr. Patrick Salter. Drawing on the scientific instrumentation and manufacturing expertise of our executive and engineering teams, we’ve built upon cutting-edge university research and created high-volume industrial processes for commercial applications.

Our Technology

Utilising world-leading adaptive optics research, Opsydia’s technology uses laser pulses of less than one trillionth of a second to fabricate nano-scale structures where previously impossible, such as below the surface of diamond.

Industry Applications

The Opsydia System D5000 does not compromise the integrity of materials or modify their surface. For this reason, it’s commerical applications are far-reaching and have caught the attention of the natural diamond and laboratory-grown diamond industries, and manufacturers specialising in glass, polymers and diamond-based devices. Contact us about your laser inscription requirements.

Meet the Team

Opsydia emerged from the Dynamic Optics and Photonics Group within the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. Our shared passion for innovation is what’s driving Opsydia forward and helping to develop our reputation as leading experts in sub-surface laser technology.

Join Our Team

For career opportunities or to submit a CV for consideration, visit our Careers page. We are always looking for talented engineers and scientists to support our goals and help us grow internationally across a range of industries