25 July 2022
In the Press: Inscribed in Stone – Rapaport Magazine

In the July 2022 edition of Rapaport magazine, Opsydia was featured in a technology column dedicated to laser engraving and the businesses innovating in this area for the benefit of the whole diamond sector.

Here is an extract from the article:

British laser technology company Opsydia recently launched its D4000 Surface ID system, which focuses on improving the process and the outcome. “We have developed a laser process that can create transparent and ultra-high-precision features by clean ablation at very shallow depths of less than 50 nanometers and at faster rates than existing technologies,” states Opsydia CEO Andrew Rimmer.

Crucially, this doesn’t create the conditions to convert carbon to graphite and therefore avoids black marks. “Our Nano IDs are placed sub-surface to secure a diamond’s identity. They do not affect clarity grades and are not viewable with a standard grading microscope,” Rimmer says.

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