25 November 2022
In the Press: Why Lasers Are Being Used to Write inside Diamonds – BBC News

Recently, we welcomed Ben Morris, Technology of Business Editor at BBC News, to visit us in Oxfordshire and see Opsydia Systems in action. We talked him through the importance of our Surface and Sub-Surface IDs in traceability and transparency initiatives and discussed how the diamond industry could benefit long-term. 

Here is an extract from the report:

I am peering through a jeweller’s eyeglass, looking for the BBC logo that has been inscribed inside a small diamond.

The inscription has been made using unique technology developed by Oxford-based Opsydia. Its machines are the only ones on the market that can penetrate the surface of a diamond and manipulate its atoms.

The logo I am trying to find is less than half a millimetre wide. Despite instruction from Lewis Fish, head of product at Opsydia, I can’t see it.

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